Welcome to Pooh Corner

Welcome to Pooh Corner (1983) TV Series Project

Welcome to Pooh Corner is a live-action/puppet television series that aired on Disney Channel in 1983.

There are 76 total videos, 69 episodes, 4 Educational Specials, and 3 Holiday Specials, and 5 Part of Me Songs.

I went through every episode and found the best one available and fixed any that needing fixed. Took me a few weeks of work lol.

Some episodes had the intro or credits missing, some episodes were in pieces so I combined them.

I removed the black bars from some episodes and resized every video to 640×480

I tried removing any noise from the audio so they don’t sound as bad. I found episodes that had freezing frames that needed removed, or blue or blank frames, etc.

For example episode You Need a Friend the video freezes and audio was messed up in 37 different spots.

I left out the episode numbers because they don’t seem to be accurate, I tried uploading some episodes to youtube and they did a copyright check and showed the real names and numbers of the episodes.

Check out the Ordering and Download Links Pages


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