Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog Preservation Project

Hello, and welcome to the Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog Preservation Project! 🙂

I grew up watching Power Rangers and all the other Saban Fox shows, and seeing the Mystic Knights back when it aired. I fell in love with the show the first time I saw it. I didn’t really remember much of the show through the years but it was always in the back of my mind and I always wanted to see the full show.

So after all these years I looked into and found that the series has never been released on DVD except for 2 DVD’s released in Germany containing only 4 episodes. I searched all over the internet to see if I could find any posts about the show ever being released any other way and found absolutely nothing.

I stumbled across a collection of German TVRips of the whole series, I can’t remember where exactly, it was either a torrent or a collection on Usenet. The quality was much better than the releases you will find on YouTube or that some people offer for sale on DVD.

I planned on going through the series to watch them and take a look at the 3 different collections of them that I found but never got around to it for a few years, until I finally made a point of it to start going through them.

I have a bit of experience in messing around with editing, converting and just messing around with video and audio files so I planned on inserting the US audio into the German TVRips. At first I couldn’t figure out why spending so much time shifting the audio would only result in the audio syncing up for a few scenes and then being off for the rest until I started researching the differences between NTSC and PAL.

When most shows/movies are shot they are recorded at 23.976 FPS (Frames Per Second) often called FILM, NTSC is 29.97 FPS, but is generally the same as 23.976. When a video is converted to PAL it is sped up by about 4% to 25 FPS, so each German PAL episode is actually shorter/faster in time/duration than the US version.

I didn’t want to do anything to the German video and leave all the video untouched so I ripped the audio from the US NTSC episodes and converted to WAV format for easier editing. I then converted each audio file to PAL frame rate of 25 FPS with an app called BeSweetGUI.

I have always used Avidemux for most of my editing of videos and found that it worked perfect for inserting the audio into the German videos, as I was going through the video and syncing up the audio when I started noticing it being way off in some spots, so backtracking through I found that the US rips of the show had a lot of either fading to commercial, or bits of commercials, or bits of the intermissions that played before and after commercials that nobody thought to edit out. It ended up making inserting the audio a much bigger chore, as well as the German videos also either going to commercial or having intermissions, which could occur at different positions than the US videos.

I used Audacity for editing all the audio to match it up with the German video. I had to go through each audio file and find all the spots where they differed, some needed spots cut, or have audio inserted to shift the audio around.

A lot of episodes stumped me at first because I couldn’t figure out how some were so off, until I realized that a lot of the German videos either had different points from the US rips of going to commercial or just continued without going to commercial, and some were even missing whole entire scenes altogether! lol

Check out the Blog section to see my notes on working on the series to see what all was done to each episde


Visit the blog to see posts and updates

Here you can see the difference in quality between the old US TVRips and the German Rips.


The full collection has been compiled onto one BluRay disc with a custom made Menu and cover art. I collected a bunch of other videos like behind the scenes, promos, and commercials that I included on the BluRay.

I also had custom T-Shirts made with the Mystic Knights logo on it in case anybody would want one to collect.

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14 thoughts on “Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog Preservation Project

  1. Incredible.
    I literally didn’t think about Mystic Knights for at least 15 years and suddenly I find this on youtube. Thank you for this service in basically restoring these when no one else cared enough to. I imagine the OG cuts are aging poorly in a drawer somewhere.
    How’d you even stay motivated to keep going? It looks like you had hardly any positive reinforcement for this project.

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  2. Awesome!
    Could you also upload the original german version or a version with both audio tracks?


    1. I was planning on uploading it to youtube and archive once I get a chance, I just got done with the other 2 shows on my site, Kung Fu The Legend Continues and Welcome to Pooh Corner.

      There would be no way to have dual audio tracks without a ton of extra work, each episode would have to be gone through completely like I already did with the English ones. The German episodes are all missing some scenes here and there that they must have cut from the original episodes so it would be hard to line up all the audio without speaking German.


      1. Oh the german version would be so great. I watched it as a kid (I’m german) and would love to get that version, too.

        But really: thank you for the current english version!


  3. 24 years.

    24 long, long years.

    I have been trying to find this show in English (required) and good quality (optional) for the past 24 years to no success. Or the one moment I thought I had something, it failed because the next episode was a commercial that recorded over the video.

    I’m actually on the verge of crying right now, you don’t understand how happy I am that I can put this obsession behind me. Just…

    Thank you

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    1. As a heads up, when my copy gets here and I find everything in order, you’re getting an order for 5 more.

      I lost this show once. I’m NOT losing it again!


    2. Glad to hear lol, I just emailed you as well. I worked on this show because I liked it back in the day too and once I started looking for it I couldn’t find it either, once I found that it was never released and all scattered I kept searching until I found all the episodes I could and then fixed it as best as I could with what was available. Sadly I’ve already found other people have stolen my work and are trying to sell it themselves trying to claim they restored it.


  4. Mine came in today, and the tshirts is awesome, and I’m blown away by the quality. I’m so thankful that you put all this hard work in and gave everyone who loves this show a way to support your work. I can’t wait to make my entire family watch this underrated classic.

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  5. MAN! I have been looking for this show for like 15 years. I just recently found the name of it and then I find your amazing project! Thanks so much for your work!

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