Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993) TV Version VHS Rip with Extended Scenes

I just uploaded a VHS Rip and an edited version of Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993). The TV Version had extra scenes in the movie that has been cut from every other release of the movie. I cut in the extra scenes into a 1080p webdl to make an unofficial extended edition.

Thanks to Michael Prymula / darkrage6 from lostmediawiki for supplying the VHS tape

Here is a link to the forums where I posted about it


Here is a list of what was done

08:40 Peter washing Chance with a hose after Chance eats the wedding cake.

15:35 Michael Eisner talks about Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey

20:15 missing 2m27 of scenes of Kate taking the pets on a car ride, and the kids playing StarTropics on the Nintendo and Bob being invited to a barbecue, only for the kids to remind him that the barbecue falls on the day he had promised to take them to visit their pets.

43:08 cut 3.462s of a scene outside the cabin and moved it after the scene of Sassy in the cabin to 44:15.778
43:11 Quentin, the old man by the river, rowing his boat back to his cabin with Sassy

45:19 Kate finding the note she had written Frank that he had not seen (cut 1.126s of the video transition), phone conversation with the park ranger

50:00 Sassy observes Quentin, the man who found her playing the saxophone at night.

50:10 moved the scene when Bob Seaver makes the Lost Pets flier in his office

51:49 moved the scene with Sassy waking up in the cabin from 51:49.715 to earlier and was also missing a scene of the sunset at 44:35.956 then shows the cabin and transitions to inside

1:17:36 Before crossing the train tracks, the pets search for food in the dumpster.


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