Dragon Warrior: Legend of the Hero Abel – Restoration Project – Dragon Quest

Here is the Dragon Warrior / Quest: Legend of the Hero Abel – Restoration Project

Complete series available on BluRay

Finally after over 6 months of work, I have finished Dragon Warrior Legend of the Hero Abel.

I ended up really liking this show.

With there only being 13 English episodes it still ended up being such a hard and difficult project. The English subtitles for the Japanese episodes were quite a bit work as well trying to make them all uniform and fixing all the grammar errors.

So hopefully it is all done and there are no major mistakes.

Here is a list of what was generally done.

  • -Intro and Ending Credits reconstructed with higher quality footage, scrolling credits recreated.
  • -13 English episodes reconstructed with the English audio inserted and synced to the Japanese DVD Upscales
  • -Episode 12 music video reconstructed
  • -Episode 42 edited with extra footage to make an extended edition with an ending to properly finish the series.
  • -English subtitles gone through and fixed for the Japanese episodes, fixing some timestamps, grammar, spells, and names to make them uniform.
  • -Episode 7 of the Japanese DVD Upscale fixed of a graphic glitch
  • -DVD Extras / Special Features fixed and repaired or reconstructed.
  • -Original DVD rips fixed and Japanese audio reinserted.

Episode 7 has a bit of a graphical glitch around 16:54.472, I will get a script and video clip ready and upload so that anybody with the nezumi dvdrips can use to automatically fix their own video file

the title screen for ep9 says Attacking Guam, I’m pretty sure the ships name is Gaim and don’t remember them attacking Guam lol, so I was thinking maybe it should be changed to Gaim? even the wiki says Guam, I’m not sure why

Episode 10 was a pain, it had a bit different sequence of events.

the original English version kinda doesn’t make sense now after seeing the Japanese with subtitles, the cuts they made don’t seem to make sense

the Japanese sequence goes from the old man telling Tiala that Baramos is here to capture her, then the old man tells his son Keith to take Tiala somewhere safe, then Keith says Let’s Hurry, and Tiala tries to resist worried about the village

the original English version goes Tiala speaking over a view of the townsfolk not of her talking, then the old man telling Tiala to leave immediately, then the camera just does a pull away from his son Keith and they cut the rest of Keith and Tiala talking and go to the next shot of the old man laughing and referencing his son by some goofy name Orukakai or something lol, instead of Keith saying he sounds worried and then telling her they are members of the Born ? Bourne ?? tribe and their strength will see them through

Even though they cut out what Keith says and don’t call him by name even though they did earlier in the episode

So I copied over what the old man said in the previous episode of My Sons in place of the Orukakai name, and copied over what Keith says earlier in the episode “Come on now Tiala, we must leave”

Episode 11 was god awful with the scenes with the old wizard Zanack were all over. I tried to copy over what I could from the Japanese episode.

The episodes seem to get progressively worse lol, Episode 12, there is a huge section of video of Tiala singing that is completely different from the Japanese episode where they cut a lot of her singing out and replaced it with footage from the earlier episodes reminiscing with flashbacks.

The audio from 12 and 13 are the worst out of them all, it sounds like there are some spots that are messed up and missing, the fuzzy noise on them are horrible too, I was able to clean it up a bit and get it sounding a bit better, but doesn’t look like there’s much to do to make it perfect, too bad there aren’t any other copies of them out there.

Spent quite a few days going over ep12 and the flashback/music video segment. The english episode really cut a lot out of there but some stuff lined up pretty good. Some scenes I was able to leave in the same order, but a lot had to be rearranged.

The scenes I chose for the flashback reminiscing parts I based off the scenes in the english one and wanted to use ones that focused on Tiala’s family. I guess I could also put a few scenes in with her and Abel and Moco, but this was a lot of work as it is lol.

I also tried using some of the japanese audio but couldn’t use a lot since it was Tiala singing in japanese, there wasn’t much background music or noise to really choose from.

I removed any duplicate scenes as well since it didn’t make much sense to have them in there.

I thought Daisy was such a fun character. They could have done way more with the show using stuff from all the video games. Not many people would probably notice but it seems like a lot of the animation and sounds were a lot like Thundercats.

Thanks to Hirunoshi and dowolf for helping with additional translations of missing dialogue.

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